Case study


Synergie is an HR partner whose business is arranging work for other people. They are focused on long-term, sustainable relationships with their customers.

  • Synergie Belgium, that’s 450 colleagues.
  • More than 70 offices and in-house teams at companies.
  • Four specialized divisions – Interim, Careers, Construct and S&you.
  • All focused on one goal: the right person in the right workplace.

The challenge

The reason Synergie decided to implement RIO personality based selling was because they were searching for a methodology that was in line with their corporate DNA, allowing people to remain themselves as well as soft sellers. Katy Lauwaert is a senior sales coach who always wants to get the best out of her coachees and found, in RIO, the missing key to working with them in a personalized manner.


  • Workshop for the internal coaches in which commercial processes are analyzed, the skills to be developed are determined and objectives and KPIs are established.
  • Elaboration of a customized blended (online & offline) transformation process, the associated tools and plug-and-play solutions.
  • Masterclasses for experienced sales professionals with the aim of making sales performance sustainable and more effective through the application of our RIO methodology.
  • Creating broad support for the RIO methodology within the organization through ‘Train the coach’. Didactic support for the internal commercial topic owners so they can responsibly establish the learning goals of their team.
  • Training days in function of deepening and anchoring the ‘transformation’.


I’ve been in the temping sector for 30 years and I’ve been given a lot of sales frameworks over the years. However, they never left me feeling completely satisfied because I’m convinced that connecting with a conversation partner is a very important asset in sales. When I became acquainted with RIO, I thought: “Of course, that’s what I’ve been doing for years, only now it’s substantiated and in a theoretical form!” For me, it was an eye-opener and a reassurance that we could achieve improved commercial results with confidence and human connection. In practice, RIO really is an “appetite framework”. People start to want to change their behavior. The more difficult the trade, the harder it is to change behavior. As a trainer, I look for implementable methods. RIO is compact, simple, recognizable and intense. It has certainly refreshed things in our company and has given our people a boost. What I also find a great added value is that it doesn’t stay theoretical. Everyone knows those training sessions that make you wonder: Are we actually going to do something with this? With RIO, you feel that people are really involved and getting started with it.

Katy Lauwaert

Senior sales coach at Synergie

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