Connecting the human dimension to sales

Connecting the human dimension to sales

We enable commercial and customer-focused teams to truly connect with clients through powerful emotional intelligence.

Sales organizations shouldn’t be solving a sales problem, they should be solving a human problem.

Brent Adamson, VP Gartner

The Tailored Buyer Experience, a true Commercial Differentiator

Today, customers want an exceptional buying experience that goes far beyond price, quality and features. Sales professionals no longer sell products, but unique experiences. Customer touchpoints should be relevant, smart and tailored to the customers’ buying style!

Is your commercial approach already differentiated to meet customers’ diverse buying preferences?
Customer excellence is king!

A customer is four times more likely to buy from a competitor if the problem is service related rather than price or product related. (Bain & Company)

Commercial maturity

70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated. (McKinsey & Company)

Customer Loyalty through Emotional Intelligence

Commercial and customer-focused teams need to inspire unprecedented levels of trust to be able to serve their potential customers. Equally, they need to be skilled in guiding, supporting and coaching their customer so as to facilitate the purchasing decision.

All this requires an exceptional degree of emotional intelligence, an ability to connect quickly and deeply and so motivate a prospect towards an active partnership. Luckily, these are all qualities that can be developed.

Is excellent emotional intelligence already a distinctive competence within your commercial strategy?
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We are a consultancy company that helps organizations drive revenue through hyper personalising sales conversations and customer touchpoints.

What does it take to move your commercial team to a customer differentiated selling approach?


alignment of vision

First, we make sure our vision on making the buyer experience customer centric, is in alignment with the board of the organisation.


Buyer's journey

We analyse your current commercial conversations, the tools and processes involved and current know-how within the organisation.


Purchase experience

We map out a plan based on our unique behavioral psychology model to provide a deeper, more personalized level of sales and service throughout the entire buying journey.

Hands-on knowledge

Based on modern learning theory, we develop a hands-on transformation program which heavily focuses on implementation of knowledge and anchoring behavior.

Blended learning approach

A blended learning approach that consists of various tools and platforms that facilitate a thorough comprehension for all types of learners.

Behavioral psychology model

RIO, our proprietary IP methodology based on fundamental human psychology, makes a personalized approach to sales and service easily accessible.

For me, it was an eye-opener and a reassurance that we could achieve improved commercial results with confidence and human connection. In practice, RIO really is an 'appetite framework'. People start to want to change their behavior.

Katy Lauwaert - Senior sales coach - SYNERGIE

RIO Methodology

Our RIO method maps out your conversation partner’s buying preferences and provides you with an exact picture of what is needed to foster trust and collaboration. More than client typology, RIO represents the beginning of a new era in sales in which the authentic connection between customers and commercial professionals takes centre stage. By integrating this knowledge, not only will you grow your revenue, but also your self-worth and the positive influence on the people around you.

Some of our clients

Our clients heavily focus on customer centricity and service excellence